Amazon expands Luna with more games and devices



Amazon’s cloud gaming service, Luna, isn’t quite as popular or accessible as Microsoft’s or Sony’s offerings, but that doesn’t mean they’re backing down, as Amazon is expanding the service with new games and devices

To try and keep up with the mammoth catalogues of games available on Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, the Luna team has announced that starting today, they’re introducing several “Luna Game Channels” which offer a curated selection of games to rent and play for a fixed price each month.

To kick things off, Amazon Luna has announced three games channels, each offering a different tailored selection of games to strike your fancy. Their “flagship curated channel,” the Luna + Cannel, features 95 games across a variety of genres for a competitive $5.99 a month, however, this is early access pricing. 

Also launching today is the Family Channel, offering “35 games that are appropriate, approachable, and fun for the whole family,” for just $2.99, as well as the Ubisoft+ Channel, which offers 30 of Ubisoft’s latest games for an eye-watering $14.99. 

Alongside these game channels, Amazon Luna also announced that they’re now supporting more devices to make their platform as accessible as possible. Alongside the continued support for PCs, Macs, Fire TVs, iOS phones and tablets, and Android phones it was announced that starting today they’ll also be supporting Fire tablets and Chromebooks. 

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In the blog post, it was also announced that they’ve introduced a new feature called “Luna Couch” which lets you play traditionally couch co-op games across the internet via the streaming service. Thankfully, as with traditional couch co-op games, the other person doesn’t need to be a subscriber to join the fun.

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