Best AI Tools for Small Businesses: 10 Top Options

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ai tools for small businesses

These AI tools for small businesses will help you automate and future-proof your day-to-day processes!

I tested over 50 platforms to give you the best 10. Explore their details below and choose the ones that best suit your business needs.

Best AI Tools for Small Businesses

Below is a quick overview of the apps presented in this guide, covering some of their most important details.

AI ToolBiggest BenefitsApplicationsPricing
ChatGPTNatural language processing, multilingual supportCustomer service, content creationFree Plan
Plus Plan: $20/month
Team Plan:  $25/user/month (annually)
Enterprise Plan: Custom price
GeminiAdvanced NLP, continuous learningCustomer support, content creationFree Plan
Plus Plan: $20/month
Team Plan:  $25/user/month (annually)
Enterprise Plan: Custom price
KabbageQuick loan processing, financial insightsFinancial services, lendingVaries based on credit line
LatticeEmployee engagement, performance insightsHR and performance managementPerformance Management + OKRs & Goals: $11/user/month/
Engagement (addon): + $4/user/month
Grow (addon): + $4/user/month
Compensation (addon): + $6/user/month
Minimum Annual Agreement: $4000
Tara AITask prioritization, auto sprint managementSoftware development, project managementInsights Core: $25/user/month
Insights Plus: $35/user/month
Enterprise: Custom pricing
Issue Tracking Add-on: $5/user/month
WordtuneAI-driven writing suggestions, tone adjustmentContent creation, marketingFree Plan
Advanced Plan: $6.99/month (annually)
Unlimited Plan: $9.99/month (annually)
Business Plan: Custom pricing
Process StreetWorkflow automation, customizable templatesOperations, process managementFree trial for Pro plan: 14-days
Startup Plan: $100/month
Pro Plan: $1500/month
Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing
Zoho ZiaPredictive sales, task automationSales, CRM– Included with Zoho CRM –

Standard Plan: $14/user/month (annually)
Professional Plan: $23/user/month (annually)
Enterprise Plan: $40/user/month (annually)
Ultimate Plan: $52/user/month (annually)
CRM Plus Plan: $57/user/month (annually)
Regie.aiPersonalized sales engagement, AI messagingSales, marketingFree Plan: 100 credits/month
Pro Plan: $59/month with unlimited credits
Small Business Plan: $89/month (Team members 1-19)
UiPathRPA capabilities, scalabilityIT, operationsBasic Automation: $420/month
Unattended Automation: $1380/month
Automation Team: $1930/month

Now that you have a general idea of what the apps below can do, we can jump into their details, including features and applications for your business.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT webpage

ChatGPT is a powerful advanced language model developed by OpenAI.

It can hold context-rich conversations and be useful for customer support, brainstorming, and content generation.

You can customize ChatGPT’s behavior by providing specific instructions. This can help small businesses tailor their AI responses to their brand voice. Furthermore, it doesn’t require extensive training or technical expertise to integrate seamlessly into existing company systems.

ChatGPT can grow with your business as it scales effortlessly. The AI can handle increased conversation volumes without affecting the quality of the results.


  • Customer Support – Small businesses can use ChatGPT as a virtual assistant to deal with customer inquiries
  • Content Creation – It can help in drafting blog posts, social media updates, and marketing materials
  • Idea Generation – The tool can give you original and helpful business ideas to explore new directions
  • Automation – Small businesses can benefit from automating repetitive tasks

ChatGPT is a versatile tool that empowers small businesses to communicate better, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance user experience. And with the upcoming rollout of ChatGPT-4o, everything gets even better.


  • Offers a variety of applications
  • Easy to use
  • Can be adapted to suit your specific business needs


  • Even though generally coherent, ChatGPT may produce some nonsensical responses
  • It doesn’t learn from user interactions in real-time

Try ChatGPT

2. Gemini

Gemini webpage

Gemini (formerly named Bard) is an AI tool that combines creativity, productivity, and problem-solving into one AI model. Thus, this tool can significantly impact small businesses and offer a helping hand in almost all areas.

Gemini uses the latest information extracted from the web to provide relevant and up-to-date answers. It uses the same conversation-based formula as ChatGPT, making it easily accessible to all users.

Google (the creator of Gemini) has made this tool accessible to a larger audience by releasing its lightweight model version of LaMDA.


  • Customer service – Gemini can act as a customer service assistant and provide your clients with relevant and updated information
  • SEO – The tool has real-time access to Google’s SERP for research purposes
  • Content creation – Great content creation abilities can help with copywriting, email campaigns, and other marketing efforts

Gemini is a powerful AI tool that can quickly help your small business scale while assisting you with everyday tasks.


  • Enables efficient communication within the small business
  • Streamlines the process of repetitive tasks
  • It can help with brainstorming and concept simplification
  • Has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to all users
  • Backed up by Google


  • Some occasional bugs might be present, as the product is still in the development stage
  • Some of the AI’s responses might require verification to ensure precision

Try Gemini

3. Kabbage

Kabbage webpage

The American Express Company owns Kabbage, which stands out with its financial services platform that uses AI-powered features for small businesses.

This powerful tool can help you automate the lending process, provide real-time financial analysis, and seamlessly integrate with business accounts.

Kabbage can simplify loan applications by using AI to quickly assess and improve lines of credit. The platform also provides in-depth insights into your business’s cash flow, allowing you to make informed financial decisions.

This tool’s user-friendly interface makes it accessible to everyone, and the real-time data with personalized recommendations will help your business stay ahead of the curve.


  • Helps with finances – Perfect for businesses searching for agile financial tools
  • Cash flow management optimization – Simplifies the process of cash flow management with AI
  • Easy loans – Streamlines money lending for businesses

Kabbage is perfect for small businesses as it allows you to maintain your position on the market and even grow exponentially by applying for a loan and reinvesting it into your business endeavors.


  • Quick, AI-assisted loan processing
  • Offers valuable insights into financial trends and forecasts
  • Simplifies complex financial tasks with a user-friendly dashboard


  • Some businesses may not meet the platform’s requirements for lending
  • Accurate market insights are dependent on consistent, high-quality data inputs

Try Kabbage

4. Lattice

Lattice webpage

Lattice is a performance management system that uses AI to improve your team’s productivity. You can use this tool for goal setting, real-time feedback, performance reviews, and as an employee deployment tool.

Lattice uses AI to synthesize survey results and open-ended feedback, allowing it to perform key driver analysis, comment on trends, and recommend specific actions.

It also provides you with insights based on cross-functional feedback, your goals, possible growth areas, etc.

Real-time recommendations can improve your performance reviews by assisting with writing. This feature checks for grammar, clarity, and bias.

Lattice can even create custom onboarding videos for your new employees based on their description, team goals, and region of operation. Furthermore, you can use it to develop individual development plans based on their career path, performance reviews, and feedback.


  • Performance management – Manages employee performance through real-time feedback and performance reviews
  • Employee engagement – Helps businesses better understand their team and foster a high-performance culture
  • Data-driven decisions – Uses real-time data to offer personalized recommendations
  • Continuous learning – The app is designed to improve over time, maintaining the latest information and trends

This set of comprehensive tools built into one application can considerably simplify running a small business, managing your staff, training your employees, and supporting their growth.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides unique insights about long-term goals
  • Great team management features


  • Some users might need more customization options
  • The insight quality depends on the quality and frequency of the input

Try Lattice

5. Tara AI

Tara AI webpage

Tara AI is a powerful project management software that helps engineering teams improve their efficiency and business results.

It also helps with task prioritization and resource distribution.

Tara AI is very good at managing tasks and uses a task breakdown method to split the big task into more manageable subtasks, allowing your team to track progress with precision.

The app has an Auto Sprint Management feature, which organizes tasks into sprints (small batches of actions), making it easier for teams to prioritize tasks and deadlines.

Furthermore, your team can embed documents directly within the chat and activity board, making cooperation easier.


  • Improves efficiency – Automated sprint creation and task management saves time and keeps projects on track
  • Enhanced team collaboration – The built-in task management tools simplify the process and allow teams to collaborate more effectively, regardless of their location
  • Task management – The real-time insights and alert system keep everyone informed, allowing teams to avoid delays

Furthermore, Tara AI integrates seamlessly with existing workflows, making your engineering processes efficient and streamlined.


  • Simplifies the breakdown of tasks and task tracking
  • Saves a lot of time by automatically organizing work
  • Offers a centralized platform to coordinate documentation and discussions with ease


  • New users might require some time to get used to the platform’s features
  • Some users/teams might benefit from more customization options

Try Tara AI

6. Wordtune

Wordtune webpage

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing assistant that improves the quality of your texts, allowing you to easily rephrase sentences, refine your text’s tone, and enhance the overall readability.

This app can improve your small business’s image by ensuring that your copy, marketing, and content campaigns are optimized, grammatically correct, and easy to understand.

Wordtune’s rewriting and rephrasing tool offers suggestions for fast sentence rewriting. The tone adjustment and length modification features also transform your texts to fit your intended audience.


  • Enhanced readability – It ensures your message is clear and easy to understand, helping with customer interactions and marketing materials
  • Saves time – Offers instant rewriting suggestions and quick edits, and allows you to focus more on other business operations
  • Improves engagement – Better-written content will engage your audience more effectively, leading to an increase in customer retention and sales

Furthermore, Wordtune works with various platforms, including but not limited to Google Docs, Gmail, and your social media accounts. This makes it flexible and adaptable to any task.


  • Easily integrates with your writing processes
  • Works with Google Docs, Gmail, social media, etc.
  • Offers some great sentence, structure, and vocabulary suggestions


  • Requires an internet connection to function optimally
  • The free version has some usage limitations

Try Wordtune

7. Process Street

Process Street webpage

Process Street, as the name suggests, is a powerful process management platform that helps teams easily manage their workflows.

Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to any user, making the entire process intuitive and straightforward. The tool will use its AI powers to simplify creating and managing checklists and workflows for your small business.

The app has no steep learning curve, and the advanced checklists with automation capabilities help your team collaborate better while providing data across multiple platforms.

The app also offers some custom workflow templates, making it easier than ever to standardize processes across the business without missing any details.


  • Improves efficiency – Automating routine tasks will enable you to free up more time for more strategic work
  • Gain insights – You get detailed reports and analytics to track goals and performance
  • Improves collaboration – The shared checklist feature and automated workflows make collaboration a breeze

This app impressed me with its AI workflow builder. Furthermore, Process Street integrates seamlessly with over 3000 tools, including Zapier, Trello, Slack, and Google Drive.


  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use even for less tech-savvy users
  • It adapts to a wide range of business needs and processes for the best results
  • Highly scalable


  • Locating archived lists can be somewhat difficult

Try Process Street

8. Zoho Zia

Zoho Zia webpage

Zoho Zia is an AI-powered sales assistant in the Zoho ecosystem. It was designed to enhance business operations through data analysis and task automation.

It helps your teams interact with their CRM databases easily and more efficiently, offering AI predictions and intelligent solutions to sales processes.

Zia analyzes sales data and activities and predicts outcomes while offering your business recommendations for more efficient workflow creation.

The app is designed with a conversational interface, making it easy for users to interact. You can use either voice or chat, allowing quick access to any information from the CRM database.


  • Data-driven insights – Helps businesses make informed decisions by analyzing CRM data and predicting sales outcomes
  • Task efficiency – Automates repetitive tasks and allows employees to focus on more complex ones
  • Ease of access – Users a conversational interface for quick and easy access to CRM data

Zoho is well-known for its emphasis on privacy and data security, so you can rest assured that any shared data is protected.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Task automation saves a lot of time
  • Offers a wide range of functionalities across the Zoho suite


  • Some features have a learning curve
  • The app’s effectiveness relies on the integration with other Zoho apps

Get Zoho Zia

9. webpage is a powerful AI sales platform that uses intelligent algorithms to enhance prospecting and improve communication for businesses of all sizes.

This app simplifies your sales processes by automating and personalizing your email outreach campaigns. uses generative AI to create unique, relevant, and personalized communications for each prospect. It can then automatically send emails on behalf of your business’s sales reps, optimizing the sales cycle.

The app then tracks all engagement and adjusts communication strategies based on this information.


  • Improves efficiency – The automation process for the creation and sending of personalized emails saves time and resources
  • Boosts engagement – Automatically tracks how prospects interact with emails
  • Organizes workflows – Integrates perfectly with other sales tools for a cohesive workflow

It also has a straightforward interface, so integrating the tool within your business is simple.


  • Creates unique personalized emails that improve your engagement rates
  • User-friendly interface
  • Saves time by automating repetitive tasks in the sales process
  • Provides data-driven insights


  • A bit of a learning curve to maximize effectiveness
  • The tone and style of automated messages might not be suitable for all industries


10. UiPath

UIPath webpage

UiPath is a leader in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market, offering a powerful platform for business process automation.

The tool was designed to help various organizations automate repetitive tasks, ensuring the human workforce can handle the most pressing tasks.

UiPath excels at creating software robots that imitate human actions, allowing the app to cover various tasks. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible, allowing users to design and deploy automation workflows quickly.


  • Cost reduction – It reduces costs by automating tasks that would otherwise require human labor to complete
  • Productivity boost – It frees up your staff’s task list by streamlining the repetitive tasks
  • Accuracy and compliance – Automating tasks reduces the risk of human error and automatically adheres to all regulations

Furthermore, the app works perfectly with various applications and systems, ensuring your business stays flexible and adaptable.


  • Easy to use even by inexperienced users
  • Improves the company’s flexibility by adapting to your specific needs
  • Integrates perfectly within existing systems
  • Extensive documentation and a supportive user community


  • Some advanced features might be too complex for beginner users
  • Even though it does offer value, the cost might be too much for some smaller businesses

Try UiPath

How Can AI Benefit Your Small Business

Small businesses must leverage every tool to stay competitive in the market.

AI offers a fantastic solution for that purpose, covering almost every aspect imaginable, including marketing, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and others.

ContentMarketingCustomer ServiceRetailManufacturingHealthcareFinanceEducation
Rapidly generate drafts, summaries, articles, etc.Targeted advertising AI-powered chatbots provide 24/7 supportE-commerce & online salesProduction planning & controlMedical diagnosis & treatmentFinancial advisory servicesPersonalized learning paths
Saves costs of hiring new content writersContent creationSentiment analysis tools can improve customer interactionsProduct recommendationsSupply chain optimizationPatient data managementInvestment & portfolio managementIntelligent tutoring systems
AI ensures consistent tone and styleSEO optimizationAI can handle routine inquiries and automate repetitive tasksSocial media and influencer marketingQuality control & inspectionDrug discovery & developmentFraud detection & risk analysisAutomated grading & feedback
Analyzes customer data for targeted contentCustomer behavior analysisIt can simplify complex conceptsCustomer behavior analysisPredictive maintenanceMedical imaging analysisAlgorithmic tradingStudent performance analytics
Insights into content performanceEfficient lead generationAI tools can provide troubleshooting guidanceInventory managementRobotics & automationClinical trial recruitmentFinancial forecasting & budgetingAdmissions process automation

As you can see, the versatility of AI tools can’t be matched by any other technology, so integrating them into your business is becoming an increasing necessity.

Wrap up

In today’s deep dive into AI tools for small businesses, we explored tools with various capabilities.

Regardless of your industry, AI tools can help you streamline your processes, whether it’s finances, HR, marketing, or any other department.

Keep it savvy and slick, and let AI do the heavy lifting. Here’s to small businesses doing big things!

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