AI CRM Tools: 10 Best Options for Your Business in 2024

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ai crm tools

Searching for the best AI CRM tools? Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been doing incredible things in customer relationship management,

To identify the finest products in this category, I’ve tested them to find their strong and weak sides. Read on to find the one that’s the most suitable for your business.

Best AI CRM tools

1. HubSpot CRM

hubspot crm

HubSpot CRM is the best AI-based customer relationship management tool on my list.

In general, it brings your customer service, marketing, and sales team into a unified platform.

With robust business automation capabilities, HubSpot also offers excellent data analytics powered by AI. It has a great UI where you can see the necessary options, report on sales and business activity, automatic lead scoring, email scheduling, chatbots, etc. It also supports various integrations that can give you flexibility.

Overall, HubSpot CRM and its AI capability can help a business operate better than most competitors.

1. Friendly UI1. More customization options could make it better
2. Seamless integration with various services2. Expensive advanced features
3. Powerful AI
4. Excellent automation

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2. ClickUp


ClickUp is not only an AI-powered project management software but also a great CRM tool for your business. Its all-in-one nature can reduce the necessity of using many other tools.

This platform has prebuilt CRM templates that let you start almost immediately. In addition, tweaks and customization options are available to have a more personalized experience.

Overall, you can easily visualize pipelines, track and manage accounts, collaborate with your team, and streamline customer workflows.

Seeing client relationships at a glance, analyzing data, centralizing customer outreach, building customer databases precisely, and automations can accelerate client growth and customer satisfaction.

This CRM tool can also be integrated with many other tools like Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Timely, etc. Besides, powerful collaboration features can boost your team’s productivity.

Over the past few months, ClickUp has served me very well, so it might fit your needs, too.

1. All-in-one tool for your business1. Has a steep learning curve
2. Better teamwork2. Can be overwhelming in certain situations
3. Robust customization
4. Pre-built templates

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3. GoHighLevel


To power up your business, GoHighLevel is one of the best AI CRM tools in 2024. This all-in-one sales and marketing platform is packed with all the essential features you need.

This software is well-suited for businesses that have big marketing purposes. GoHighLevel has features like email campaigns, automated texts, website builders, etc.

Its Workflow AI is a standout feature. GoHighLevel can supercharge your marketing efforts using powerful AI and personalize customer interactions.

1. Marketing-focused features1. Not very suitable for non-marketing applications
2. Advanced automation2. Can be overwhelming for beginners
3. Many features

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4. ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is another AI-driven CRM tool with incredible advantages. It fits well for a business that needs an optimized marketing strategy and a good customer service experience.

It works by tracking customer’s online behavior based on their interests, preferences, and buying habits. The Advanced machine learning algorithm predicts and determines the effective email and message strategy.

With automation, account management, forms and landing pages, segmentation, and many AI-powered features, it has become a powerful email marketing and CRM software.

When I deeply looked into this platform, I saw it has the necessary tools and options that you need to manage leads and clients efficiently. The robust automation and customization options are there as well.

1. Powerful marketing tools1. Complex for beginners
2. Robust automation powered by AI2. Can be expensive
3. In-depth reporting and analytics
4. Customization flexibility

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5. Pipedrive


If you need a CRM tool that has awesome pipeline management features and artificial intelligence, try Pipedrive.

Unlike many other customer relationship management software, it’s very easy to set up.

You can rely on it for adding deals, tracking progress through AI-driven analytics, and automatic alerts and reminders.

Standout features include a visual sales pipeline, collaboration tools, segment leads, contact history, web forms, and revenue forecasting.

Overall, Pipedrive has made it easy to know what to do and when in your business at a glance. The AI assistant can optimize your experience at every step.

1. Very user-friendly UI1. Limited number of features
2. Better sales pipeline management2. Some extra features may add additional cost
3. Easy to collaborate with team members
4. Flexible reporting

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6. Freshsales


Freshsales is one of the best AI-powered sales CRM software to power up your productivity, boost conversations, and grow your pipeline.

It can give you an in-depth insight into your customer’s information in activity timelines and other visual ways. Freshsales has email, chat, phone, SMS, and messenger channels to connect with your customers.

To extend your experience, you can integrate this service with essential platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Apple Business, Chat, Zoom, etc.

Artificial intelligence offers incredible automation to improve your sales productivity on this platform. With AI-driven forecasting and reports, you can make smart decisions.

In addition to those awesome advantages, you can also customize Freshsales to meet your needs. In my experience, this CRM tool is suitable for a business that wants to utilize AI for better insights and automation.

1. Great reporting and forecasting1. More integration options could make it more appealing
2. Support for different communication channels
3. Robust automation

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7. Durable


Durable is a powerful CRM platform that utilizes artificial intelligence at its best. It offers various features, including a website builder, invoicing tool, AI assistant, etc.

The best part is you can organize contacts, respond to leads, create automated responses, and send personalized responses to the clients. The power of AI has made it possible to do most of the tasks with just a single or a few clicks.

The conversational AI assistant can generate ideas, answer questions, and complete tasks quickly. This customer service management software also has some advanced security features.

Overall, Durable is an efficient AI-powered CRM solution, but some advanced features could make it even better.

1. A website builder and powerful invoicing tool1. Not widely used like its competitors
2. Powerful security features2. Limited advanced features
3. Very helpful AI-powered text generator

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8. Zendesk Sell


Zendesk is primarily an AI help desk software. Its CRM solution is also great. The best part is it’s seamlessly integrated with other tools from the Zendesk family.

This CRM software can help boost your productivity by giving you an in-depth view of the sales pipeline, allowing you to follow the leads, and delivering a better customer experience.

It has powerful AI-driven forecast and reporting, as well as various sales engagement tools, bulk outreach, and many other smart features.

If your business is seeking a unified customer service and sales solution, Zendesk is a perfect option.

1. Works great within the Zendesk ecosystem1. Can be expensive for smaller businesses
2. Powerful sales analytics2. Customization options are complicated
3. Effective sales engagement tools

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9. Salesforce Sales Cloud

salesforce sales cloud crm

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a robust CRM solution that works seamlessly within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Einstein AI, AI-based analytics, and forecasting and customer insights can boost your team’s productivity.

One of the best parts is it’s highly customizable and can be integrated with various services. Slack is natively integrated with this platform.

When I tested this CRM, I was a bit overwhelmed by all its features. In my opinion, it’s an excellent choice for a large organization.

1. Highly customizable1. Not good for smaller businesses
2. Effective features powered by Einstein AI2. Expensive
3. Very suitable for large enterprise

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10. Zoho CRM

zoho sell ai crm

Zoho CRM is one of the most capable AI-powered software in its category. Its AI assistant, Zia, has brought more to this platform.

Automation of routine sales, marketing, and support functions in almost every step of the workflow can speed up your business. Zia works like an all-in-one assistant that helps you collect customer data, write emails and notes, create documents, etc.

This customer relationship management software helps capture leads, automate lead scoring, and manage and track deals and contact details.

It also comes with various reporting and analytical components that give you better insights into the key factors. Besides, you can integrate Zoho’s CRM with third-party tools if needed.

While reviewing, I found its friendly interface, detailed insights, and integration and customization options very helpful. Overall, Zoho is worth checking out if you’re looking for a powerful and affordable CRM solution.

1. Zia AI assistant1. The basic plan comes with a very limited number of features
2. Affordable for small businesses
3. Can be integrated with various services easily

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Before evaluating these AI CRM tools, I set certain key factors:

  • AI power: I’ve only included options with proper AI capabilities.
  • Flexibility: Customization and flexibility is very important in CRM solutions.
  • User-friendliness: Even novices should be able to use the platform.
  • Price: I’ve primarily considered tools that offer a good balance of features and pricing.
  • Feedback: I’ve considered users’ thoughts on these services while making my ranking.

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Benefits of Using AI CRM Tools

  • In-depth customer insights: You can analyze and view proper customer data, trends, behavior, and preferences better.
  • Smart decision-making: Artificial intelligence utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to suggest better recommendations for your business.
  • More personalized experience: AI can predict a customer’s intention and behavior accurately.
  • Better reporting and forecasting: AI can provide better reporting and predict future sales.
  • Automation: Many manual works can be reduced by AI, including thousands of data entries, automatic task assignments, campaign management, etc.
  • Creating engaging emails and summaries: AI-powered CRM tools have a virtual assistant that can generate engaging emails and write better summaries while running a campaign.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is transforming the business world rapidly. I’ve featured the best 10 AI CRM tools in this article. Any of these will give a boost to your business.

Feel free to write in the comment box if you have any suggestions, questions, or feedback about these platforms.

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