Best AI for Business: 10 Apps for Innovation Driving Success

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Best AI for Business

Looking for the best AI tools for your business? You’re on the right track.

Did you know that your competitors are revolutionizing their business operations, administration, human resources, finance, and data intelligence with AI? That’s right, they are!

And now it’s your turn to do the same. So, let’s dive straight into the top 10 AI services to help you achieve that:

Zia Business Assistant by Zoho

Zoho Zia
Image credit: Zoho Zia

A business assistant is indispensable for the decision-maker or CEO of a business of any size and trade. Here comes Zia by Zoho.

It makes your job easy by helping with various tasks like fetching a sales report, writing a quick business email, collecting customer data, or setting up a virtual or on-site meeting with your team.

It works like a global search tool for all apps on Zoho. Thus, you can use it in any department for insights, like cross-selling products to customers in the sales division or taking extra care of a sensitive lead about to convert in the marketing section.

That’s not all! It comes with robust data analytics and visualization capabilities.

Provided that your business uses Zoho CRM and Analytics tool, you can sync these with Zia to create on-demand analytics and charts with natural language commands. For example, “Show me my revenue” or “Show me my revenue by country.”

Zoho analytics
Image credit: Zoho Zia

Then, you can embed the AI tool as a chatbot to provide customer service via websites, landing pages, and web apps.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • AI can fetch data in seconds while real-world assistants may take days.
  • It offers customer behavior analysis so you can contact your prospects at the right time.
  • You can create, proofread, and translate content on emails, business reports, etc., using Zia.
  • It can analyze trends and anomalies in numbers and send you instant notifications, so you can deal with bottlenecks swiftly.
Easy-to-use user interfaceModerate learning curve
Syncs with all Zoho apps and toolsLimited customizations
Multiple AI models in one app, like conversational, data analytics, behavior analysis, etc.
Extensive security features from Zoho

ChatSpot AI by HubSpot

ChatSpot AI

ChatSpot AI is a conversational AI perfected for sales and marketing professionals.

It synchronizes with your Hubspot CRM datasets to suggest unique ideas that help you drive sales. Also, you don’t need to invest time and effort to create AI prompts that work. It offers prompt templates from various business niches so the tool stays relevant for any sector.

Sometimes, your sales and marketing team faces challenging questions from leads and prospects. In such situations, ChatSpot AI can help them generate personalized answers.

Finally, its deep search and data linking utilizes granular business data to create meaningful and actionable insights.

For example, it can create a list of sales agents who are following ethical selling practices by analyzing deals that last more than 3 months after closing.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It accelerates sales processes by eliminating unnecessary holds from the pipeline.
  • ChatSpot AI creates text and visual content on the spot.
  • It can also fetch company intelligence for prospecting by analyzing CRM entries and the web.
  • The tool is also suitable for SEO optimization of business content.
Available for freeRequires Hubspot CRM for better results
Comes with pre-configured prompt templates
Saves a history of chats
It doesn’t share data with third-parties

Salesforce Commerce AI

Salesforce Commerce
Image credit: Salesforce

If you own an eCommerce marketplace and want to streamline the conversations between your developers and merchandisers, Salesforce Commerce AI is a must-try.

It enables merchants and vendors to create product descriptions, manage promotions, and set up a store chatbot to answer customer queries.

Your eCommerce site developers can create real-time and complex codes using natural language as commands. You can also create generative products or landing pages without depending on a developer.

Moreover, you can enhance customer’s shopping experience by offering an AI product recommendation tool. Site visitors can simply ask simple questions, like “What coffee goes well with my new coffee maker?” This is also providing cross-selling opportunities to your merchants.

Product suggestions
Image credit: Salesforce

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It enables vendors and merchandisers to enhance their product listing and sales processes on your website.
  • You can become your own website developer with generative website codes.
  • Enhances user experience, offers intelligent shopping ideas, and stimulates cross-selling.
Guided coaching and dedicated technical account managerSteep learning curve
Suitable for B2C, B2B, and D2C eCommercePricing isn’t transparent
Integrates with the Salesforce Order Management tool

Salesforce Customer Service AI

Customer Service AI
Image credit: Salesforce

The Salesforce Customer Service AI integrates with your CRM, knowledge base, websites, marketplaces, and so on to offer intelligent answers to complex queries.

You can use the tool for both external and internal users.

For example, place the chatbot on your website to answer customer queries. Internally, you can install the tool on CRMs and other business apps to help employees navigate around tools, provide case-by-case recommendations, and so on.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • Creates and analyzes millions of conversation summaries to enhance customer service.
  • Analyzes resolved cases to suggest recommended solutions to service agents.
  • Comes with a host of developer tools like bot builder, multilingual bots, and API access.
Simple pricingRequires a Salesforce developer to integrate the AI tool
Extensive integration support
Adjusts with your workflows

Upmetrics – AI Business Planner


Business plans and proposals help you attract investors or satisfy existing shareholders. However, creating a winning strategy isn’t that simple. You need to go deep into the business, analyze financial data, speak with ground staff, and so on.

However, you can easily automate these tasks with Upmetrics. This future-ready AI tool comes with a set of sub-tools for efficient business strategy.

These are AI Assistance for content creation, Business Plan Builder, Financial Forecasting, Business Models, Pitch Deck Creator for presentations, Cover Pages, Business Plan Templates, Comments & Feedback, and sharing as URLs or downloadable documents.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • Its writing AI helps you with iterative improvements until the business plan and pitch become perfect.
  • You can pace up the business planning process by using tried and tested templates.
Simple and transparent pricingExtra fees for additional workspaces
In-app support by AI, help articles, and human specialistsMust buy seats for remote team members
Free trial
Free business planning courses

ThoughtSpot – Data Analytics AI

Image credit: ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot is an advanced data analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence.

It converts natural language commands, like “Create a pie chart from January sales data” into data analytics and visualizations.

After identifying key figures and KPIs of your business, you can set automated notifications if values drop below a threshold. Moreover, it can analyze drops in performance to suggest remedial actions.

The ThoughtSpot AI offers analytics as code services so you can develop embedded data analytics in websites, mobile apps, and web apps.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It synchronizes with your business app stack to offer proactive and predictive insights.
  • You can get precise analytics quickly using its search-driven analysis feature.
  • The AI becomes more knowledgeable and efficient after each use.
Free trial availableA huge price gap between the Team and Essentials tier
Anyone can create professional data analytics and visualization with natural language commands
Integrates with Excel and Sheets
Both mobile and desktop app interfaces are available

hireEZ – The Recruiter AI

hireez interface
Image credit: hireEZ AI

The evolution of AI/ML technology and its integration in the recruitment process has rendered CRMs and inMails outdated tools.

hireEZ is one such recruitment AI that enables you to interview and qualify the most talented candidates from bulk applicant profiles.

The tool performs talent pool searches, ATS integration, documentation, and collaboration tasks and frees you up for human interaction with candidates. Also, hireEZ is suitable for bottom-line to top-line positions fulfilling.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It has an in-house talent pool of 800 million plus candidates.
  • You can create data-driven candidate engagement strategies.
  • It can sync up with your organization’s standards and critical benchmarking parameters to shortlist the most suitable candidates.
Easy to set up and start recruiting right away Often populates candidates with limited details like emails and phone numbers
Scheme the in-house candidate database to find the right talentMight generate invalid contact details so human review is suggested
Updates candidate status in HR tech stack like ATS, CRM, etc.

Surfer AI SEO Content

Surfer AI new
Image credit: Surfer SEO

Surfer AI is the answer to all bottlenecks in SEO.

Firstly, it uses proprietary AI and ML technology to create undetectable AI content that search engines perceive as human-crafted pieces.

Also, it reduces the content ETA from days to minutes by integrating research, writing, and optimizing in one tool.

You only need to input a few keywords, select the tone, and refer to a few competitor content URLs. That’s it! Hit the write button and Surfer AI creates articles that rank on Google SERP easily.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It helps you fulfill high-quality content requirements affordably.
  • Offers additional must-have SEO tools like keyword explorer, content audit, SERP explorer, etc.
  • Tried and tested AI content templates for blogs, listicles, and single product reviews.
Visual elements, like green, yellow, and red for content quality checks10 AI articles per month with the $219 plan
A content score for standardizationExpensive pay-as-you-go pricing after you utilize all free credits
SEO-optimized content ready in less than an hour

Vorto – Supply Chain AI

Image credit: Vorto

Understanding supply and demand used to be tricky, but not anymore with Vorto AI. It predicts what products your clients might want and when.

It also offers plans to procure the products from suppliers and arrange delivery with the most efficient shipper. All these steps happen automatically when you create a workflow for the client.

Plus, it learns from what your clients and vendors use, making sure there’s always enough stock with the suppliers.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • Dedicated app for buyers to place automated buy orders.
  • The seller-side app forecasts product demands in advance.
  • The AI interacts with the carrier vendors for automated shipping from the seller’s warehouse.
  • Quick and error-free reconciliation once the order has been fulfilled.
Helps avoid driver detention costsIntegrations require API development
Reduce supply chain spending drasticallyPricing isn’t transparent
Utilize freight smartly
Eliminate CO2 emissions to avail of carbon credits

Trullion – Accounting AI

Image credit: Trullion

The AI accounting tool, Trullion, simplifies revenue recognition, lease accounting, and audits with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Accounting is a complicated technical process where risk assessment and accuracy are of paramount importance.

The Trullion app ensures that from start to finish. It enables custom rules for ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliance, speeds audits with a multi-client AI toolset, and automates lease accounting workflows.

Why It’s a Must-Have Tool For Your Business:

  • It can quickly extract key financial data points from PDF contracts, PDF invoices, and Excel worksheets.
  • If you’re a small business owner with knowledge of accounts, you can use this AI for bookkeeping and save on expenditure on an accounting expert.
You can start accounting for any business with minimal configurationLacks transparent pricing
A dashboard for the most relevant numbersUsers reported no option for prorated lease payments
Integrate all accounting and financial systems

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Future-Proof Your Business With AI

Now you have the 10 best AI tools for business to streamline processes, increase sales, and boost results no matter the niche you’re in.

From AI-enhanced marketing and sales to intelligent automation and predictive analytics, the possibilities are endless.

Did you try any of these AI business apps? Do you know a better one that you’re already using and seeing phenomenal growth with? Share your experiences by commenting below.

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