10 Best AI Sales Tools in 2023

August 23, 2023

Staying competitive in the ever-changing landscape of sales can be a daunting task, but employing the power of cutting-edge technology simplifies it. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the sales game forever, helping sales teams streamline their processes, make decisions based on actual data, and drive revenue growth.

This guide will dive deep into choosing the best AI for sales, thus helping you choose the perfect fit for your company.

During our thorough research phase, we found a very insightful and valuable report called the 2023 Sales Trends Report created by HubSpot.

HubSpot 2023 Sales Trends Report Chart

The snapshot above comes from Chapter 4 of the HubSpot report, showing the most critical metrics that require tracking in 2023. All the factors mentioned above have a real and substantial impact on how well your sales team can convert leads, and AI can help with these tasks.

Below, you can observe another critical market study created by McKinsey & Company, covering AI-powered Marketing and Sales Reach with Generative AI. The chart presented below was built based on senior executives answering the following statement: Please share your estimated ROI/impact these tools would have if implemented in your organization.

The data chart below is a conglomerate of all their answer:

McKinsey & Company commercial leader generative AI usage chart

As you can see, lead identification, marketing optimization, and personalized outreach are the top contenders here, showing that the industry leaders consider these areas of business the most influenced by the integration of Generative AI.

To ensure fair competition, using AI in your sales business became a requirement and not simply an option. To do this without too much hassle, we created a thorough guide on this topic, giving you access to 10 of the best AI tools for sales. Let’s dive right in!

1. Einstein GPT – Best AI sales tool overall

Einstein GPT Interface

Einstein GPT is the AI powerhouse from Salesforce, takes the lead as the best AI sales tool of 2023, and promises to revolutionize sales conversations and tactics. This powerful tool is well-known for its versatility and capable AI-powered features, making it one of the best tools for sales teams.

At its base, Einstein GPT ensures that sales professionals can generate predictive lead scoring by analyzing vast datasets to identify any leads that can be easily converted into customers. This process saves significant time while also making the sales effort more efficient and focused on what matters most: conversion rates.

Automation is another vital feature built into the Einstein GPT. This process can automate routine or time-consuming tasks, enabling the sales team to focus on more critical aspects, like creating customer relationships and closing deals. The automation features found in this AI app ensure that sending follow-up emails, updating the CRM records, and prioritizing tasks are easy and efficiently managed.

What makes Einstein GPT stand out from the crowd of software we tested is its ability to integrate seamlessly into the Salesforce CRM. If your company already uses Salesforce, employing this powerful AI tool can be done naturally and quickly. Adding AI to your CRM process can optimize your company’s sales operations based on data.

Even more, Einstein GPT is not limited to a specific business type, as it can adapt to various industries and offer your sales team improved performance, so don’t hesitate to explore it further!


  • Integrates perfectly with Salesforce for predictive lead scoring, automation, etc.
  • Improves your Salesforce CRM with advanced AI features
  • It can be customized for a variety of business types


  • Implementing and utilizing this tool will require some training

2. Clari – Precision Revenue Forecasting with AI

Clari interface

In the sales world, your team’s precision and accuracy in revenue forecasting can make or break a company, and this is where our second-ranked AI sales tool, Clari, comes in. This software specializes in intelligent revenue operations and is well-known for its remarkable ability to create highly accurate revenue forecasts.

One of the main capability pillars of Clari is its ability to unify data from various sources and present it in an easy-to-understand manner, simplifying and streamlining the process of financial projections. It integrates without problems with your CRM, marketing automation, and even economic systems, gathering all the data in a central hub. AI then analyzes that information and creates forecasts.

Clari can also provide a granular understanding of your revenue streams and segment the information by product, region, sales team, etc. Another significant advantage we noticed during our testing phase is its real-time forecasting capabilities.

Sales leaders can see real-time forecasting of revenues, which can make a huge difference, especially for time-sensitive decisions.

Clari also offers many tools that cover sales performance analysis to round this excellent tool up. This process can identify the area your sales reps need training or support, thus streamlining the entire process long-term.


  • Excellent at providing exact revenue forecasts with AI-powered analysis
  • It can unify data from various sources, offering a centralized information hub
  • Gives real-time forecasting to quick decision-making


  • Using Clari’s advanced features requires expertise in the business processes

3. Gong.io – Elevating Sales Conversations with AI

Gong.ai Interface

Gong.io is third in our guide, making it one of the best AI sales software. This app provides your sales department with an unmatched real-time platform to analyze sales calls and meetings.

Gong.ai offers users a fantastic coaching and trend analysis capability, ensuring that the sales department enhances communication, identifies emerging trends, and improves the performance of sales reps. Using Gong.ai is like having a virtual sales coach perfectly integrated into your operations system, which can provide advice based on actual data, thus improving your sales strategies and conversion rates.

This powerful AI software is not limited to simply analyzing calls. It covers all aspects and nuances of sales interaction by detecting subtle cues in the conversations and informing you about what works and needs improvement. This type of insight ensures that sales teams can customize their approach to individual clients and have the best chance of creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Gong.io also has predictive capabilities, using analytics to forecast sales outcomes accurately. While testing this software, we were amazed at how thorough the forecast sales were. We could easily see where our sales efforts stand, which helped us make better decisions to optimize our sales funnel. You can take advantage of the power of Gong.ai today, so don’t hesitate!


  • Provides real-time analysis of sales conversations
  • It acts like a virtual sales coach with helpful and on-point advice
  • Helps in making data-driven decisions
  • It enables you to create stronger customer relationships


  • The advanced features are included in the Premium version
  • The premium version might be too costly for some small businesses

4. Viva Sales – Microsoft’s AI for Sales Productivity

Microsoft Viva Sales Interface

Viva Sales is an AI sales app created by Microsoft, holds the 4th position in our list of the best tools on this topic, and proves Microsoft’s expertise in AI. Like similar apps, Viva Sales was designed to empower sales teams with AI capabilities.

During our testing, Viva Sales stood out with its ability to create valuable insights into sales and customer interactions. It does this by analyzing large datasets and then offering you the best suggestions to optimize sales strategies. These elements include teaching effective communication, identifying potential upsell opportunities, and suggesting the best time to follow up.

Another vital aspect of Viva Sales is its capability to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. This feature ensures that your sales team can access any tools they need from the same interface.

Viva Sales also impressed us with its relationship analytics features, essential for building solid and long-lasting relationships with your clients. The central hub combines all information and gives a helpful overview, including information about customers, preferences, touchpoints, and potential pain points. This ensures your sales reps can customize client interaction to create trust and loyalty.


  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, ensuring increased productivity
  • Provides users with a 360-degree view of customer interactions
  • Offers real-time insights and suggestions to improve sales strategies and communication


  • Even though it is advantageous for Microsoft users, it might require different adapting to these tools if the company is not using these services already

5. Freshsales – Smart CRM with AI Integration

Freshsales Interface

Freshsales secures the 5th spot in our list of the best AI sales tools in 2023, ensuring full integration of AI into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This app provides users with an intelligent CRM option that simplifies lead management, interaction tracking, and task automation, thus freeing up time for other tasks.

This software stands out from the other options in this list; the AI-driven lead scoring system creates leads based on various criteria and assigns specific scores that dictate their priority. This feature ensures that your sales team will know which task requires their full attention and at what time, thus simplifying the management of tasks.

Like other software, Freshsales also covers your sales team’s contact management task, collecting data like calls, meetings, and emails into a central timeline. This makes it easy for sales reps to understand the history of each contact and helps create a personalized conversation.

A good AI sales software also needs to include an automation feature. Freshsales doesn’t disappoint in this department either, allowing you to track metrics like open email rates, response times, etc. The data collected through this process helps sales leaders create customized strategies.


  • AI-drive lead scoring process prioritizes leads and improves conversion rates
  • It centralizes customer interactions in a central hub
  • Automatically deals with routing tasks, streamlining the sales team’s workflow


  • It integrates with a good number of apps, but the selection is limited

6. Outreach – Engaging Prospects Effectively with AI

Outreach Interface

Outreach is our 6th-ranked AI sales tool, and even though it is not as valuable as the first few positions in this list, it still offers some great features, which should be mentioned. This software has personalized communications as its base of strategy operations, enabling sales reps to engage with possible clients in a meaningful and targeted manner.

One of the most valuable features Outreach offers is its ability to create and automate personalized email sequences. This doesn’t mean it sends generic emails, but it gives you all the tools to craft tailored messages that resonate with each client.

Another element that stood out during our testing of this AI sales software was its ability to successfully provide analytics depending on each engagement, thus helping the sales team understand which of their messages work better. The real-time information about email opening rates, response times, and click-through rates allows sales reps to customize their outreach strategies.

Outreach integrates perfectly with CRM systems to round this software up and ensures that all prospect interactions are tracked and recorded. This feature streamlines the process of collaboration between sales and marketing teams.


  • Automates personalized email sequences, improving engagement levels and response rates
  • Incorporates phone calls and social media outreach besides email
  • Offers insights into prospect management, helping outreach strategies


  • It poses a learning curve as the platform can be initially too complex for some users

7. Velocity – Accurate Sales Forecasting through AI

Velocity Interface

Because accurate sales forecasting can significantly impact the efficiency of your company’s sales department, Velocity was created. The developers of this app-focused, most importantly, on the capability of the AI-powered process to yield precise results.

Velocity uses its AI and machine learning capabilities to analyze sales from the past, market trends, and a wide array of other variables to create a highly accurate sales forecast.

One of the essential features we noticed during our testing process was Velocity’s capability to create top-level revenue predictions and the variety of the information it uses, including organizing tasks by product, region, and sales teams. This granular system ensures that your sales team can pinpoint areas requiring intervention. Also, sales leaders can spot trends by observing advanced analytics and reporting tools.


  • Excellent at providing highly accurate sales forecasts with AI-driven analysis
  • Offers real-time projections for fast and efficient decision-making
  • Allows users to segment forecast results, providing specific information


  • To implement Velocity’s advanced features, a well-thought-through data integration process is needed

8. RocketDocs – Boost Sales with AI-Generated Content

RocketDocs interface

RocketDocs is our 8th contender for the list of the best AI tools for sales, and even though it is so far down the list, it still provides a great range of valuable features.

This tool enables your sales team to create compelling content without any effort. It allows professionals to access a wide range of personalized on-brand materials tailored to your target audience.

RocketDocs can generate various sales materials using AI-powered algorithms, including product descriptions, email templates, and presentations. This entire process is done in a few minutes, so using this app saves time and gives you peace of mind that every piece of content perfectly adheres to your brand’s guidelines and messaging.

Customization is at the core of this software, as the AI engine can generate content specific to different industries, market segments, and even individual clients.

This software ensures that your company maintains a consistent brand identity across all communication channels and can increase trust and recognition. RocketDocs integrates perfectly with CRM systems and other sales tools, ensuring a seamless operation from start to finish.


  • Streamlines content creation through AI-generated materials
  • Allows you to create custom content for different industries
  • Integrates with CRM system with ease


  • Even though it is efficient, AI-generated content might not match the quality requirements

9. Conversica – AI-Powered Lead NurturingConversica Interface

Conversica specializes in AI-powered lead nurturing, earning the tenth spot on our list of the top AI sales tools for 2023. Conversica’s capacity to scale up lead nurturing and follow-up automation is one of its unique characteristics.

It contacts leads through tailored email exchanges like a human sales professional. These discussions are intended to qualify prospects, engage them, and schedule meetings with your sales staff when they are most receptive.

Conversica’s AI assistant can communicate with leads naturally, with context awareness, blurring the line between artificial intelligence and human connection. Prospective customers will receive prompt responses and have a sense of value throughout their journey, thanks to its seamless integration into the lead nurturing process.

All interactions with leads are documented and automatically integrated into your sales pipeline, thanks to Conversica’s connection with CRM systems. With thorough knowledge of the lead’s preferences and previous interactions, your sales staff may continue where the AI assistant left off in this situation.


  • Automates lead nurturing through personalized email conversations
  • Built-in AI assistant that persists with follow-ups
  • Integrates with CRM systems for seamless lead management


  • Even though advanced, AI interactions can not yet fully replace human interaction for complex issues

10. Sales Hub – Streamline Sales Operations with HubSpot’s AI

Sales Hub Interface

Sales Hub from HubSpot is another AI tool designed to streamline and supercharge your sales operations. Employing powerful AI capabilities, this software ensures your sales team will work more efficiently and effectively.

One of the most critical aspects of this software is the powerful lead management simplification brought to the table features. They allow your sales team to capture, sort, and track leads, ensuring no opportunity gets away.

The automation processes features in Sales Hub also stood out during our tests, and we saw positive changes in various duties, like personalized emails, scheduling flow-up tasks, or engaging leads on social media. This process helps your sales team engage with the customers at the perfect time and with the best sales approach.

If your company already uses HubSpot, Sales Hub’s integration is seamless, works perfectly, and reduces the strain on your sales marketing efforts. This ensures that no leads can be lost in the communication between the sales and marketing departments, improving efficiency in the process.


  • Offers a comprehensive suite of tools to accelerate sales, lead management, and automation
  • Integrates perfectly with HubSpot’s marketing tools
  • The user-friendly interface requires minimal training


  • The price might be too high for smaller businesses with a limited budget

How is AI used in sales?

Sales person using AI software on Mac

AI can help sales teams deal with all aspects of the sales department, including the following elements:

1. Improve sales forecasts

  • Data Analysis – AI uses previous data, market trends, and other factors to provide exact sales estimates. It can analyze large databases efficiently, ensuring forecasts are based on the most recent data.
  • Real-time forecasting – AI-powered systems can provide real-time sales projections, enabling organizations to react quickly to shifting market conditions. This flexible approach is advantageous in the hectic corporate world of today.
  • Segmented forecasts – Forecasts can be divided by various factors, including product, location, or sales team. This level of specificity enables businesses to identify the strong and weak points in their sales tactics and make improvements.

2. Automate everyday sales tasks

  • Lead scoringAI can automatically score a lead using behavior, demographics, and engagement history. This guarantees that sales teams concentrate their efforts on leads with the most excellent chance of conversion, boosting efficiency.
  • Email outreachAutomating personalized email sequences using AI-powered solutions helps guarantee that leads receive pertinent and timely information. The likelihood of engagement and conversion increases with this level of personalization.
  • Routine task automation – AI can automate everyday operations like data entry, appointment scheduling, and email follow-up. This automation allows sales professionals to focus on more strategic, high-value tasks.

3. Improve sales analytics & performance

  • Tracking performance metrics – AI tools can monitor key performance indicators like email open rates, response times, conversion rates, and the condition of the sales funnel.
  • Predictive analytics – With AI, organizations may proactively change their strategy by forecasting future sales trends using existing data.
  • Sales coaching – Sales employees can receive real-time feedback and insights from AI by using it to analyze sales conversations and meetings.

AI is revolutionizing the sales industry by delivering precise forecasts, automating tedious operations, and improving performance metrics. It gives sales teams the tools to work smarter—not harder—and to make data-driven decisions that will boost productivity and revenue.

Feel free to share your choice using the comment section below.

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