The worldwide pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has put a lot of plans either into the air or into the dirty grimy bin. Reportedly, that’s happened with Microsoft’s release plans for both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. 

Reported by The Thurrot, Microsoft’s original plans for the Xbox Series family of next-gen consoles originally saw the more powerful Xbox Series X release as early as late August.

The more powerful console was set to launch before the still unannounced Xbox Series S (Project Lockhart) that has consistently been leaked by Microsoft themselves through developer documents and Windows 10 OS files.

Thurrot’s report states that the Lockhart console was, at some point, scheduled to be revealed last month, but the Xbox Series S announcement was pushed to a later date which many outlets believe is scheduled for August.

However, Thurrot does not fully believe that Lockhart is set to be announced in August. The outlet’s consistent sources have yet to confirm to the website whether or not the console will be announced then as part of Xbox’s 20/20 marketing push.

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While the Xbox Series X release date is currently unknown, rumours have been suggesting that the console is set to launch alongside the lower-powered Xbox Series S that was originally set to launch in October.