Despite Microsoft’s unwillingness to unveil the Xbox Series X’s lower-powered version, Xbox Series X aka Lockhart, the Xbox Series S price has leaked at a remarkably low price. 

According to Chinese website My Drivers, the Xbox Series S price is reported to be at just $300, lower than a lot of current-gen Xbox One X bundles.

My Drivers’ article claims that the build of Lockhart for $300 will be without an optical drive, much like this generation’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. While removing a high-speed 4K blu-ray drive would certainly lower the price a smidge, it’s clear that Microsoft would still be selling these consoles at a loss.

The Xbox Series S console is rumoured to have around 4TFs of raw GPU power which, while lower than Xbox One X’s 6TF, would transcend current-gen hardware due to next-gen NAVI architecture from AMD. The system is also powered by a 4GHz Ryzen APU and 16GB of RAM, “12GB of which is allocated to the graphics card and 4GB to the OS layer”.

Despite these leaks, Xbox boss Phil Spencer remains adamant that there is only one Xbox Series console in development, the 12TF Xbox Series X that’s planned for Holiday 2020. While no price has been revealed, many are expecting the console to cost upwards of $400.

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