The Xbox family of consoles is reportedly going to see two new additions for the next generation: Anaconda and Lockhart.

As reported on yesterday, Anaconda is set to be the successor to the Xbox One X. It will probably be quite expensive, but Anaconda is set to remind gamers of the power of Xbox.

The most interesting piece of the story, as reported by Windows Central, is in the form of Xbox Lockhart. While not the disc-less, Picasso-powered streaming box we may have initially thought, Lockhart is reportedly the successor to the Xbox One S.

Dubbed by Windows Central as the S-2 and X-2, the next-generation Xboxes will provide a similar power gap to what we see now with the original Xbox One and the Xbox One X.

Lockhart is described as being “potentially around as powerful as the current Xbox One X hardware wise, with refinements under the hood.”

Of course, Xbox’s next-gen counterparts will see full backward compatibility. The report claims that they will be fully compatible with everything on your Xbox One consoles. OG Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One games will be backward compatible, although, there was no mention of X-Enhanced patches being playable.

Source: Windows Central