Microsoft’s proper next-gen Xbox Series X first-party showcase is reportedly slated to begin on the week starting on July 20th. 

The news originally came from journalist Jeff Grubb who claims that the upcoming livestream focusing on Xbox Series X first-party games will premiere online on the week starting on July 20th.

However, sources at website VGC have revealed that the upcoming Xbox Series X first-party games livestream will be streamed online on July 23rd.

Not much is known about the upcoming showcase of next-gen Xbox games outside of its confirmed July release date. While the livestream is being designed to outshine the disappointing original next-gen Xbox livestreamlisten to our thoughts here – Microsoft has only revealed that Halo Infinite will be present.

As for other titles we can allude to: Turn10 Games’ cross-generation Forza Motorsport 8 should be present at the showcase and it’s possible that we will see the next game from Playground Games which has been heavily suggested to be Fable 4.