Update: Alleged Fable 4 concept art was created for hiring art test

November 26, 2019
Fable trademark Microsoft intend to use

Update: Rodrigo Idalino has since reached out to us to inform us that his artwork was not created for any Fable project in development at Playground Games.

We’re told that the art was created for a hiring art test for a position at Playground Games.

The artwork in question has since been removed from the article at the request of its original creator.

Fable 4 concept art has been found online just hours before a swift takedown.

Posted on ResetEra, the concept art for Xbox’s highly anticipated return to the world of Albion was created by Brazilian artist Rodrigo Idalino. Uploaded to the artist’s portfolio on ArtStation, it appears to be concept art for the upcoming title.

Just a few hours after the art was discovered, the alleged concept art was swiftly taken down. But while Idalino’s artwork was pulled from the artist’s portfolio, it was still picked up by visitors to the site.

The concept art ranges in its form: some of the art shows detailed environmental concepts whereas another shows a character sheet for an in-game character. If real, they show an intriguing look into the world of the upcoming Fable revival.

The art that was once here has been removed at request of the artist.

The character sheet details a “sociable” and “cheerful” Anne Hathaway-like lady inspired by 16th century European fairy tales and assassins. Apparently, her father was a fisherman who taught her how to tie numerous types of knots.

Other concept art appears to be more detailed: one piece of art shows a conceptual look at a recreation of the original Fable game’s starting area. Could Fable 4, or whatever it may be called, be a remake?

The artwork that was once here has been removed at the request of the artist.

From what we’ve learned, Fable 4 is in development by Forza Horizon developers Playground Games.

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