If you didn’t catch the Inside Xbox stream earlier today, then you’ll have missed out on the debut of the Xbox Series X’s boot-up animation and sound. The good news is that you can now have your own first look, thanks to Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb.

You can watch the animation for yourself below, courtesy of @majornelson on Twitter.

Just in case you’re unable to watch the video for whatever reason, here’s a little breakdown:

The video is 10 seconds long and shows the Xbox Series X logo fading into onto a black screen, starting with the inner lines of the X logo before the Series X’s entire logo emerges as a solid white design.

The animation is accompanied by a series of vaguely ethereal chords. It’s rather pleasing to the ear and, personally, sort of reminds me of Autumn Plains in Spyro 2. The short version is that you’re not going to get sick of it after hearing your Series X boot for the hundredth time.

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