Xbox Series X is more suited to machine learning than PS5 says David Cage

November 2, 2020
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Xbox Series X may have one additional advantage over Sony’s PlayStation 5 console: machine learning. 

In an interview with WCCFTech, Quantic Dreams CEO David Cage revealed that the design of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gives it the advantage in machine learning compared to the PlayStation 5.

Cage revealed that while the slightly better CPU and beefier GPU of the Xbox Series X gives Microsoft a slight edge over PS5, it’s really the machine learning capabilities of the Xbox console that may help it succeed against PlayStation’s faster SSD.

“The shader cores of the Xbox are also more suitable to machine learning, which could be an advantage if Microsoft succeeds in implementing an equivalent to Nvidia’s DLSS,” Cage explained.

However, the PlayStation-focused developer also explained that Sony has consistently punched up to deliver great looking games on not-so-powerful hardware in the past.

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“I think that the pure analysis of the hardware shows an advantage for Microsoft, but experience tells us that hardware is only part of the equation: Sony showed in the past that their consoles could deliver the best-looking games because their architecture and software were usually very consistent and efficient.”

In a previous interview, Cage explained that he believes the split nature of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is confusing for consumers and developers.

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