Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation 5 UI, thankfully not through a Burger King collaboration

The 11-minute video was posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel and gives fans a deep-dive into the next-gen consoles user interface.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 UI is designed around a Control Center home screen that has multiple cards to help players get around. There are cards for news, captured screenshots and videos and activities.

PlayStation 5 Activities are described as the “most powerful” aspect of the console’s UI. In the video, each activity card represents a level in the game they’re playing: Sackboy A Big Adventure. The card gives players an estimated completion time as well as telling players what objectives they need to complete.

Players also have access to Game Help through these cards. These cards are only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on certain games, but they’re designed to help players through games without needing to search online for a walkthrough.

The PlayStation Store has been converted into an integrated feature instead of a standalone app. Players can purchase both PlayStation 5 games and compatible PlayStation 4 titles.

Party chat has been overhauled as well for the PlayStation 5 UI. Players can now share screens to show friends what they’re playing, send captured media and even use voice dictation for messages.

Check out the video below:

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