Marvel’s Avengers gets updated with DLSS support on PC


15, 2020

Square Enix’s live-service superhero game Marvel’s Avengers now has DLSS support.

DLSS, an acronym for Deep Learning Super Sampling, is a real-time upscaling method for video games that allows users to render games internally at a lower resolution while their GPUs upscale to much higher levels of image quality. Check out the video below for an awesome in-depth look:

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The new update for Marvel’s Avengers introduces a refined version of Nvidia’s DLSS software that aims to give players the ability to experience their games in at the reconstructed resolutions of up to 8K, a key selling point of the hardware manufacturer’s Nvidia RTX GeForce 3090.

Other games already support this ultra performancee version of DLSS for 8K rendering including Death Stranding, Control, Minecraft RTX and Wolfenstein Youngblood.

In our review of the Avengers game, we thought it had “super single-player ruined by muddled multiplayer”.

“The single-player campaign is a highlight and the makings are here for an enjoyable live-service platform, but only time will tell if sketchy economics and unnecessarily complex systems don’t eventually steer people away,” reads our review.

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