Xbox Insider update introduces new Captures app, Discord server & voice channel browser

October 20, 2022

Windows Insiders aren’t the only ones getting new features to try this week. Xbox also announced that it is releasing a new update preview to the Alpha ring of the Xbox Insider program. The new 2211 update (2211.221017-2200) boasts a bunch of improvements for Xbox consoles, and most noteworthy among them are the new playback and editing app called Captures and the new ability of Discord on Xbox.

Captures can be accessed through Guide and My games & apps, allowing Xbox Insiders to edit saved or captured gameplay footage and store them on an external drive. With familiar functionalities improved with better UI, Xbox says that the app will make the screenshot and gameplay capture process more convenient to users whenever they want to do it. This is good news for Xbox users since the conventional Xbox DVR often delivers unfavorable performance, from crashes and slow performance to limited features and capabilities.

Meanwhile, it should be easier now to use Discord on Xbox, specifically when joining a voice channel. In this update, Xbox said it would no longer require you to use the Discord app on your phone. Instead, you can use your console to join a voice channel directly. This is possible through the Discord server & voice channel browser that you can access by clicking the Discord button in the Guide under Parties & chats. Nonetheless, it is a must to link your Discord and Xbox accounts to ensure a smooth experience. If you still haven’t set up yours, clicking the Discord button will direct you to the page where you can do it. As for joining direct Discord calls, Xbox noted that users still need to use the mobile app.

Other details Xbox highlighted in the 2211 update include the Ukrainian language as an additional console display language and the ability to stream to Twitch using a Lightstream or Streamlabs subscription. Xbox also addressed some issues by rolling out some fixes, although there are still some known issues the team is still trying to resolve. 

Xbox Insider 2211.221017-2200 Update fixes

Xbox Insider 2211.221017-2200 Update known issues

Xbox Insider 2211.221017-2200 Update known issues

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