Leaked video gives us a sneak peek at how the HoloLens is constructed


23, 2020

Microsoft announced HoloLens back in 2016 and followed it up with HoloLens 2 in 2019. While the HoloLens is available to customers in just a handful of countries, Microsoft has struck multiple deals with different companies that are taking advantage of HoloLens in a business setting.

Microsoft has been quite secretive about the tech behind HoloLens and why the company decided to pursue Holograms and Augmented Reality. However, in a newly leaked video, Microsoft is opening about the concept behind HoloLens and how it’s constructed. The 8-minute video was shared on Twitter by Microsoft Insider Walking Cat and it talks about HoloLens and how it’s made. You can head below to check out the video.

It’s not clear if Microsoft was planning to release the video to the public. It does look well shot which suggests that the video was intended to be published online but never made it through for some reasons.

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