Valve is selling Steam Deck replacement parts with the help of iFixit

February 16, 2022
Steam Deck Xray

Valve has announced that they’re going to be making replacement parts for their handheld Steam Deck surprisingly available thanks to a new partnership with iFixit. 

After previously telling prospective Steam Deck owners not to tear apart their consoles, Valve has seemingly changed its tune, as now they’re offering replacement parts and a comprehensive guide on how to dismantle their latest piece of hardware. 

This change of mind comes thanks to a new partnership with teardown fanatics iFixit, who will be selling the replacement parts via their extensive storefront that houses replacement parts for all kinds of devices. 

“Today, we’re announcing that iFixit will be one of the authorized sellers of Steam Deck replacement parts – as well as replacement parts for the Valve Index VR products,” Valve announced in a statement recently. “We are still hammering out the details, and will be sharing more info on this soon.”

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To go along with the news of this partnership, iFixit also debuted a Steam Deck teardown of their own, in which they reveal the extent of what can easily be achieved with just a Phillips screwdriver and a plastic spudger. 

Thankfully for those plagued by joystick drift, the Steam Deck’s joysticks can be removed without any soldering, making it a mercifully easy task to replace them should they ever start acting with a mind of their own.

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