Valve has dated the next Steam sales and themed events 

February 3, 2022
Steam Sale Valve

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With the Lunar New Year sale drawing to a close, Valve has announced the dates for the next handful of Steam sales and events we can look forward to throughout 2022. 

Finally answering the question of ‘when is the next Steam sale’ Valve has been surprisingly helpful once again, giving us a remarkably clear answer of February 21st. This sale will be the always enjoyable Steam Next Fest, which bombards us with a monumental amount of demos while also violating our wallet thanks to extensively deep discounts. 

Once the Steam Next Fest concludes on the 28th of February, it will be a little wait until the next major sales event, the Steam Summer Sale, which kicks off on the 23rd of June. Thankfully, for those looking to get discounted games in the meantime, Valve will also be running a number of smaller themed sales events in the interim, discounting specific genres of games rather than the entire storefront. 

The planned schedule for these themed Steam sales are as follows: 

  • Remote Play Together – 28th of February to 7th of March
  • JRPG – 14th of March to 21st of March
  • SimFest: Hobby Edition – 28th of March to 4th of April
  • Die-a-lot – 2nd of May to the 9th of May
  • Racing – 23rd of May to the 30th of May
  • Survival – 18th of July to the 25th of July 

Thanks to Valve giving out the handily descriptive names for the themes sales events, we have a fairly good idea about which games should be being discounted when, however, as usual, we’ll still have to wait and see just how deep these discounts go once the sales kick off throughout the year.

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