The Steam Deck finally has an actual release date in February

January 27, 2022
Steam Deck

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Valve has announced that their hotly anticipated handheld console, the Steam Deck, finally has a release date, as it’s due to start shipping to customers on the 28th of February. 

Following a delay late last year which pushed the launch of the Steam Deck into 2022, Valve has officially confirmed that “the first units will be on their way to customers starting the 28th,” so the wait is almost over for Valve’s promising handheld console. 

Following the first batch of Steam Decks being sent off to reservation holders, Valve will begin releasing new order email batches on a weekly basis, so make sure you don’t miss that email asking you to confirm your purchase if you’re in the reservation queue, as once it arrives you’ll only have three days to confirm. 

While weekly order batches may sound promising if you’re at the back of the queue, there’s no word from Valve exactly how big these email batches may be, so if you’re placing a new reservation today, you may still be waiting for a while, especially since Valve has already struggled with the “global supply chain issues,” brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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For those who are eagerly looking forward to getting your hands on your reserved Steam Deck, you thankfully won’t have to worry about what to play once you get your hands on it, as recently Valve has been covering their storefront with “Steam Deck Compatability” ratings through their Deck Varified program, letting you know exactly how well a game is optimized and runs on the handheld before your commit your valuable storage space to it. 

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