Twitter will notify when you can’t make edits


19, 2022

It’s not unknown to anyone that Twitter is working on an edit button. But the edit button has its limitations. We reported that Twitter wouldn’t replace the original Tweet with the edited one. Instead, Twitter will show the edited tweets right below the original one. Now we are hearing that users won’t be able to edit the tweet after a certain period of time.

Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong has spotted that Twitter will inform users when they run out of time to edit the tweet. The feature is currently in the development phase, and it will likely be available when the edit button becomes available.

Aside from the edit button, Twitter is working on several new features, including the ability to attach photos, videos, and GIFs to a tweet at the same time and the ability to pin replies in comments. Also, the company will soon give users the option to ‘unmention’ themselves from Twitter conversations if they are toxic. The micro-blogging site will roll out the feature once they are ready.

However, it is worth mentioning that the Twitter edit button will likely be for those subscribed to the Twitter Blue service.

Do you like the changes Twitter is adding to the platform? If yes, let us know which upcoming features are more useful to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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