Twitter now lets you search for specific messages on DM page

March 24, 2022
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Twitter has long been involved in improving the messaging feature in Twitter across all platforms. The microblogging site introduced the ability to search for conversations on the Direct Message(DM) page. The feature was first available on iOS and the web and later came to Android. Fast forward to 2022, Twitter is taking another shot at improving the messaging experience.

Twitter has announced that users can now search for specific messages by using keywords and names in the search bar on the DM page. As things stand currently, users can now search for both users’ names and specific messages in their DMs. The ability to search for messages is available for both Android and iOS.

The ability to search for specific messages will be helpful, particularly in a scenario where you want to search for particular keywords and you don’t remember when and who you said it to. The feature makes things easier for you if you ever encounter a situation like this.

Aside from improving the messaging experience, Twitter has added many new features in the last couple of months to improve its platform. One of the useful features the company added was letting users flag their tweets with a content warning.

As for what’s coming next for Twitter users, the social media giant is working on a plethora of new features, including an option to allow users to properly untag themselves from a thread, the ability to pin chats in the web client. The company will continue introducing new features to provide users with a better platform for effective communication.

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