Twitter may finally let you untag yourself from threads soon

February 21, 2022
Twitter TweetDeck

Twitter finally appears to be testing a feature that would allow users to properly untag themselves from a thread, rather than just muting it and pretending it doesn’t exist. 

While Twitter has yet to make an official announcement debuting the feature, or at least revealing that it’s in testing, user Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot of the feature last Friday, revealing its existence. 

According to this screenshot, the new feature will “get you out of this conversation” by untagging your username, preventing future mentions, and stopping notifications for the conversation. 

This might sound similar to the existing mute function in Twitter, which prevents you from getting notifications from the conversation, however, the new feature distinctly doesn’t let other users @ you in a tweet, as the mention will instead be left as plaintext in order to keep you out of the thread. 

From how little we’ve heard about it, this new feature still appears to be in the early stages of testing, so there’s no word on just when it might release to the general public. With Twitter steadily expanding their anti-harassment measures, through features such as “Safety Mode,” hopefully we’ll see the global launch of this new untagging feature soon.

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