Twitter is working on a ton of new features to improve the overall experience. However, not all its features are available across different platforms, but the company working on that too. According to famous reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Twitter will soon add pinned chats feature to its web client.

The feature is currently available for both Twitter iOS and Android clients, but since the tipster has spotted the feature on the Twitter web client, it could be a sign that the feature is almost ready to be rolled out and, therefore, should not take much time for the company to launch the feature for those who use Twitter on the web.

The pinned chats feature is currently in the developmental phase, and thanks to the tipster’s reverse engineering skills, we just a got glimpse of what the interface looks like, and we’re sharing it with you below.

Twitter web app

That said, Paluzzi doesn’t mention anything about when the feature will be available for the general public, but it should not take much longer. We might see it in action in the coming few months.

It’s also worth noting that any changes made to the Twitter web client get reflected in the Twitter PWA app, which is essentially a web app. So if you’re using the Twitter PWA app on your Windows 10/11 PCs, you’ll also be able to pin tweet whenever Twitter adds this feature to its web client.