Twitter’s latest update makes its algorithmic timeline the default once again

March 11, 2022
Twitter Latest Tweets

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Twitter’s latest update has pushed its recommended algorithm back upon users who want things chronologically, but mercifully it’s not all bad news. 

Available just on iOS for now, “and soon on Android and web” the new feature ushers in separate tabs for the algorithmically delivered “home” and chronological “latest tweets” timelines, allowing users to easily swipe and switch between the two. 

In theory, this should allow users to easily switch between the two timelines at their leisure, however in reality it’s just a little bit of added tedium for those who were already perfectly happy with just one timeline which they could select at a tap of the “sparkle icon”. 

Unfrotnuetly for users who enjoy the real-time updates of the chronological “latest tweets” timeline, that will now always be a swipe away, as after closing the Twitter app, the “home” tab will always be presented as the default option, making it clear which timeline the social media giant would prefer us to use.

Elsewhere, Twitter has also just launched a version of itself that is accessible via the Tor browser, which allows access to the dark web. This allows users in Russia to bypass current restrictions against them, while also providing more secure service to all users.

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