Twitter is now letting you flag your tweets with content warnings 

February 28, 2022
Twitter TweetDeck

After extensive testing, Twitter’s feature to apply “one-time sensitive content warnings” to tweets is being rolled out to all users globally on web, iOS, and Android. 

With the war in Ukraine currently ravaging the world, and people’s timelines, there couldn’t have been a better time for Twitter to bring this feature out of testing and into the hands of users across its platform, as there’s an abundance of sensitive content making the rounds at the moment. 

Allowing users to flag their tweets with warnings for nudity, violence, and “sensitive” content, the content warnings can be simply enabled by tapping the flag icon when editing an attached photo or video in a tweet. 

Previously, users wanting to flag potentially sensitive content in their own tweets only had the option of a blanket warning which would be placed on all multimedia tweets from their account, which is hardly an elegant solution.

While Twitter’s content warning system is definitely better than nothing, the implementation has left much to be desired, as the categories for content warnings are currently limited, notably without an option for movie spoilers,  and the feature does not currently work on TweetDeck.

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