Twitter is testing ‘Retweets with comments’ and ‘tabbed Retweets’ page

by Rahul
May 11, 2020

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In a bid to give users more insights into how their tweets are being shared, social media giant, Twitter is working on a new feature, according to famous reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.

The new feature gives brings a new option called ‘Retweets with comments’ alongside ‘Likes’ and ‘Retweets’ options. The company is also working on a tabbed ‘Retweets’ page which shows two tabs — one that shows the number of Retweets without comments and the other one shows the number of Retweets with comments. Both of these new features are already available in the Twitter iOS app and now since the company has started testing them for its Android app, Android users won’t have to wait for long.

Twitter is also working on other important new features. The company has recently started testing Scheduled Tweets, a feature that will allow you to set region and time you want your tweets to go online. It also gives you the option to manage your schedule Tweets in the same menu. The social media giant is also testing the ability to view quote tweets.

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