This was the LG Rollable



LG teased the LG Rollable at CES as the first of a new form factor of expanding phones where flexible screens are used to make a device bigger, not by folding, but by unrolling and expanding.


Now that the company is exiting the phone business that vision will not become a reality, at least for them.

There is however every indication the company was planning to launch the device later this year, with the handset going through radio certification in Korea.

That is where the following picture was captured, showing the device in some of its glory.

As can be seen from the image, it closely matches the teaser above, except that it revealed the presence of what looked like a front-facing camera.

LG formally announced yesterday that it is exiting the phone business with 3000 employees being deployed to other areas of the company.

Companies like Samsung, TCL are reportedly working on a similar concept, though we don’t know whether or not these will release this year. However, rumour has it that Samsung is going to release its rollable phone this year.

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