Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming open-world RPG The Outer Worlds may be a multiplatform title, but it’s clearly picking favourites.

With the game coming out on October 25th, fans were left wondering whether or not their enhanced consoles would see any benefits. Well, the answer is yes… If you have an Xbox One X.

Obsidian has confirmed that not only will the title be enhanced for Xbox One X consoles, but it’ll be playable at a full 4K resolution. While the PS4 Pro’s lower internal specifications probably wouldn’t see the title running at full 4K, the lack of any enhancements is underwhelming.

With the developer’s recent acquisition by Xbox creators Microsoft, the developer could be playing favourites. With Microsoft’s Xbox One X currently touted as The World’s Most Powerful Console, the company could be pulling strings behind the scenes to make the PlayStation 4 Pro version look worse on purpose.

With The Outer Worlds also being available through Xbox Game Pass on release day, Microsoft is certainly backing the title quite hard.

In the future, the upcoming Obsidian game will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch. While not much has been shown of the upcoming port, we hope that the portable system will provide a fantastic RPG experience on the Switch. Maybe it’ll be comparable to The Witcher 3’s impossible port?