The Nintendo Switch is getting cheaper 

September 13, 2021
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Ahead of the arrival of the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED Model, Nintendo, as well as many retailers, have cut the price of the original Nintendo Switch. 

On the Nintendo Store, the original Nintendo Switch handheld hybrid console now retails for £259.99/€299.99, which is down about £20 from the original price of £278.99/€329.99. 

While this is the official pricing on Nintendo’s storefront, VGC reports that some retailers are selling the console for even less, with a new price being reported at an impressively low “€269.99” at some retailers.

Nintendo’s Switch Lite has not yet received a price cut and still retails for £199.99 / €200, however, we may see a price reduction in the future to improve its already stellar price.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is currently expected to launch on October 8th 2021 for £309.99/ €349.99, with a slightly bigger 7-inch touchscreen, 64GB of internal storage, improved speakers, and a more adjustable stand. On October 8th, Metroid Dread will also launch for the handheld hybrid. 

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It’s possible that in time these prices may drop even lower, as we’re still waiting for any official news about the long-rumoured Switch Pro, which is reportedly going to support games at up to 4K on the handheld.

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