Despite Metroid Prime 4 still being in development after being announced in 2017, Nintendo has remarkably revealed a new Metroid title today called Metroid Dread.

The first new 2D Metroid game in 20 years has “a new feel” which you can see in the trailer, where you’re stalked by a menacing spider robot called E.M.M.I. 

Despite the new horror feel, it still looks like there will be lots of classic 2D Metroid gameplay with plenty of power suit abilities and Samus’s trusty arm cannon for combat. 

With “a variety of threats that Samus will encounter,” Metroid Dread will hopefully be a worthy return to the 2D Metroidvania formula which has been refined in recent years by titles such as Axiom Verge, and upcoming Axiom Verge 2.

Metroid Dread, unlike Metroid Prime 4, actually has a release date, and it’s coming this year, launching on the 8th of October for Nintendo Switch.