Take-Two has shut down a GTA Online mod menu 

August 10, 2021
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Take-Two Interactive has continued its crusade against mods by shutting down the popular GTA Online and Red Dead Online mod menu, Ozark. 

The Ozark mod menu allowed players to exploit and manipulate their games in both single-player and multiplayer across Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V. 

Allowing players to teleport, spawn vehicles and money, as well as instantly kill other players or NPC’s, the Ozark mod menu was a seriously powerful piece of kit that Take-Two definitely didn’t want defiling their game. 

In a Discord post, which has been brought to Twitter, Ozark creator D3 announced that “effective immediately, Ozark has shutdown and ceased all services,” after they received correspondence from Take-Two Interactive. 

It’s unclear exactly what Take-Two said to garner this response, but we imagine it was some pretty stern words to have Ozark so quickly shut down, even if some resellers are continuing to sell the mod menu despite it having ceased all services. 

With Grand Theft Auto Online being regularly plagued with modders, it’s hardly a surprise that Take-Two wants to take action against those spoiling the fun, especially with an impending release onto next-gen consoles later this year. 

Grand Theft Auto Online will be launching onto PlayStation 5 later this year on November 11th, with an Xbox Series X|S release to follow after a timed exclusivity period of three months.

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