Surface Duo Bumper case replacements set to be a pricy accessory

by Surur
September 5, 2020
Surface Duo Bumper Case

Due to attaching with an adhesive, the official Surface Duo bumper case is single-use, and when you remove it you have to replace it with a new pair.

The case also blocks the SIM card slot, meaning if you change your SIM you have to remove your case.

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While the Surface Duo comes with a bumper case in the box, these properties suggest Microsoft will be selling many replacement cases, and it looks like that will be a pretty good money-spinner.

WindowsLatest has uncovered a listing for the Surface Duo Bumper Case at an online retailer, and it seems each replacement case will cost more than $40.

The good news is that replacement cases will be available in a range of colours, and will therefore allow you to personalize your device somewhat.

The listing can be seen here.

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You can now pre-order the new Surface Duo here from Microsoft Store starting at $1399.

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