The in-development space simulator Star Citizen has raised a colossal $300 million in crowdfunding revenue. 

Back in December, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games revealed that the game had raised an impressive $250 million. Now, just six months after the fact, the developer has raised an additional $50 million.

Over the course of the game’s six-year long crowdfunding cycle, the game has received donations from 2,712,305 donators that want to help the developer bring the game to life.

The massive space simulation game was recently at the centre of a rather large lawsuit between developer Cloud Imperium Games and Cryengine developer Crytek over the rights to use engine technology.

As it stands now, Crytek will be withholding the lawsuit until the game’s single player portion, Squadron 42, is out. The single player game is due to enter beta this year.

Source: Eurogamer