Crysis and Ryse developer Crytek is holding out on their Star Citizen lawsuit until the game’s single-player component, Squadron 42, sees a real release.

Originally set to begin trial in June 2020, the lawsuit has been delayed until Squadron 42 is available to players.

The Star Citizen lawsuit revolves around the use of Crytek’s CryEngine 3 game engine. The lawsuit states that Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has breached copyright for developing multiple titles with CryEngine despite holding a single-title license.

Since the lawsuit was filed, Cloud Imperium Games has stated that the team has switched from CryEngine 3 to Amazon Lumberyard, an engine designed from the skeleton of CryEngine.

Crytek has delayed court proceedings from June 2020 until October 13, 2020. With the single-player title’s beta release delayed until a vague “Q3 2020” release date, Crytek’s new court date suggests the earliest date the company expects the game to release.

In the trials legal documents, posted on Reddit, Crytek is still against the idea of Squadron 42 releasing as it’s own standalone release. Crytek claims that prior to the developer’s development on the single-player portion, Cloud Imperium Games did not state that the game would be released as a standalone title.

“While this came as a surprise to Crytek (and undoubtedly will to the public who has pre-paid for Squadron 42, assuming the truth of CIG’s response, Crytek’s Squadron 42 claim is not yet ripe,” Crytek writes.

“This case has been marked by a pattern of CIG saying one thing in its public statements and another in this litigation. For example, at the outset of this case, CIG had publicly claimed it had switched to using the Lumberyard Engine for both Star Citizen and Squadron 42, but was forced to confirm during this litigation that no such switch had taken place.”

Star Citizen is currently the biggest crowdfunded title of all time. 2019 saw a huge increase in financial support for fans leading to the game’s biggest crowdfunding year yet. Raising over $250 million from crowdfunding alone, Cloud Imperium Games have a lot of promises to deliver on.