Crowdfunded Star Citizen has raised over $250 million



Controversial in-development space-simulator Star Citizen has now successfully raised over $250 million. That’s a lot of cheddar.

Wth 2,449,300 backers launching money at the in-development, very-early-access space game, developer Cloud Imperium Games has raised a gigantic amount of funds for the development of this impressive game.

The exact funds are impressive. The army of backers have managed to raise exactly $251,269,824 at the time of writing. A handy money chart on the game’s official website shows hourly, daily, weekly and monthly submissions. Fans raised an unbelievable $1,770,538 on just November 30th alone!!

As for monthly submissions, November was the game’s best month for crowdfunding yet. In the entirety of November, Cloud Imperium Games managed to raise $9,641,780. I didn’t add any extra numbers, that’s how much was actually raised!

As for the crowdfunding campaign, Star Citizen meet all of its stretch goals hundreds of millions of dollars ago. The last stretch goal for players to raise for was Enhanced Ship Modularity at $65,000,000. Christ.

For those who are enjoying Star Citizen in its very-early-access form, Cloud Imperium Games are adding a new planet and multiplayer mode this month. The planet is called microTech, it’s owned by a corporation called microTech, and the multiplayer mode is called Theatres of War and is an FPS 20v20 thingamajig.

If you’re a backer that would like nothing more than to throw more money at things, hit me up. I’ll take ANYTHING.

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