Xbox Series S install sizes will be approx 30% smaller than Series X


17, 2020

Xbox Series S install sizes will be smaller than those of the more powerful Xbox Series X. 

With Microsoft’s Digital Only budget console Xbox Series S only having 512GB of storage, compared to the Series X’s 1TB, many were wondering how gamers are supposed to have an entire library of games installed with such a small pool of internal storage.

In an interview with IGN, Xbox Director of Program Management Jason Ronald confirmed that Xbox Series S install sizes will be much smaller than that of PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series S install sizes are claimed to be smaller as game textures will be of a reduced resolution. With the console only supporting an output of 1440p, all included textures will be of a lower quality.

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“With a performance target of 1440p at 60 fps, our expectation is that developers will not ship their highest level mipmaps to Xbox Series S, which will reduce the size of the games,” Ronald said.

“Ultimately the controls in the developer’s hands. We’ve had this technology for a while that allows developers to intelligently choose which assets to install on which device they’re playing on. So the flexibility is in the developers’ hands to make sure the right assets are there.”

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