Samsung may reportedly be throttling Galaxy S22 phones


3, 2022

Samsung is reportedly throttling some Galaxy S22 devices through their battery life preserving Game Optimizing Service, much to many users’ dismay.

Packed with some of the latest silicon around, there’s no question that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 range of phones are fast, however, it appears that you might not always be getting the blistering speed that you were promised when purchasing the device, as users have seemingly discovered their devices being throttled. 

As Android Authority reports, across Twitter, Samsung’s community forums, and YouTube, there have been multiple reports of Galaxy S22 phones having their performance throttled when benchmarking tools weren’t being run on the device. 

Most recently a South Korean YouTuber demonstrated this claim by changing the name of the 3DMark benchmarking tool on their device to Genshin Impact, a move that dramatically lowered the benchmark scores from 2618 to 1141, indicating the device was being throttled. 

Despite being named the Game Optimizing Service, Samsung’s throttling doesn’t appear to just be limited to intensive games that might cause the device some strain, as apps such as Instagram, Netflix, and Tiktok are all being throttled. 

Thankfully for Galaxy S22 owners, Samsung is reportedly investigating this ‘issue’ which they likely already knew about since they created the Game Optimizing Service. Hopefully, through their investigation, they’ll provide users with a way to turn off the throttling Game Optimizing Service.

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