Samsung is killing the Galaxy Note brand

March 1, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

During Mobile World Congress 2022 Samsung officially announced the death of the Galaxy Note, but thankfully just in name only. 

Instead of the Galaxy Note brand that we’re familiar with, we’ll instead just be getting the even more familiar “ultra” models of the Galaxy S series, Dalian reports. “The Galaxy Note will be It will come out as ‘Ultra’,” Samsung’s head of mobile experience, Roh Tae-moon stated during MWC 2022. 

With the Galaxy S22 Ultra already being a Galaxy Note device in all but name, it’s hardly a surprise that Samsung wanted to make this naming change official to clear up any confusion and decimate any hopes of a somehow even more phablet smartphone. 

Thankfully for fans of Samsung’s S Pen, the Galaxy Ultra range might not be the only device honouring the Galaxy Note’s legacy now that it’s officially dead, as reportedly, contrary to past rumours, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is rumoured to include a storage slot for the coveted S Pen. 

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