Video game giants Rockstar Games has launched its own storefront, the Rockstar Games Launcher.

With PC gamers currently upset at the notion of downloading another launcher for Epic Store exclusives, Rockstar’s newest offering will most likely be an unwelcome surprise.

The Rockstar Games Launcher will be a new platform for PC gamers to purchase and install new Rockstar titles. It’s a free download: popping over to the Rockstar Social Club will allow you to easily install the launcher.

Currently, the new launcher includes a great offering of Rockstar games. Of course, GTA V is there alongside all the other GTA games. L.A Noire, Bully: Scholarship Edition and more can also be found.

With the introduction of an exclusive Rockstar launcher, one could expect the company to ramp up support for PC hardware. With this generation’s technological darling, Red Dead Redemption 2, being exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One, could Rockstar be finally be porting the game to PC?

For those who do decide to pick up the launcher, Rockstar is currently offering a free download of GTA: San Andreas. It’s a fantastic title, although it’s probably not an intriguing enough offering for those who remain Steam zealots.