Epic Games’ storefront has been a hot point of PC gamer discussions since the service started picking out exclusive titles that were originally set to launch on Steam.

However, while most were upset that they had to simply download another launcher, many were also upset that the Epic Games Store lacked certain features a modern games storefront should have. Cloud saves, shopping carts and more were all absent and, while some have been implemented, many features still aren’t available on Epic.

To combat negative feedback, Epic hurriedly released a development roadmap wth release dates for important features. As of today, those release dates have been removed.

Features like play time tracking, storefront discoverability, shopping carts, achievements and more have no planned release dates.

In an official blog post, Epic attempted to explain the reasoning behind this lack of information.

“The Trello roadmap is not fulfilling the goal we set when it was introduced,” Epic said. The goal with the Trello roadmap is to provide visibility into the development cycle for the store’s more player-centric feature set. While it’s accomplished that to some degree,  we’ve missed the mark accurately displaying the timelines for feature delivery.”

“We’re removing the time of delivery from the board. We’ll be focusing on what’s actively in development and providing more granular updates on individually listed features.”

Unfortunately, Epic still hasn’t explained why rudimentary features are taking so long to come to the Epic Store.  A shopping cart and wishlists should be launch features; even the Switch eShop has the latter!