Productive Twitter is an extension that can make Twitter’s new UI less annoying

by Anmol
July 22, 2019

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A week ago, Twitter rolled out the new web experience which was, according to the company, a step up from the old design. Unfortunately for them, the new design wasn’t well-received by the public. Shortly after the new design rolled out, users found ways to manipulate cookies and switch to the old design. However, it was later patched by Twitter leaving users stuck with the new design.

Now, a developer has decided to fix the new design and make it less annoying for the users. A new extension called “Productive Twitter” is now available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The browser removes all the distracting elements on the right sidebar which includes suggestions and new trends. The extension will leave the search bar on the top and will remove everything else on the right and the Tweet button on the left. The developer also noted that the extension will be more useful if you use Twitter with “background” theme and “Color” set to “Dim” and “Pink” respectively. You can follow our tutorial on how to change the display settings for more information.

The developer has made the source code available on Github so you can also contribute to it if you want. The extension should help users to reduce the clutter and make Twitter clean and productive.

Via Techdows

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