How to use Twitter’s True Black theme (and other customisation features)

July 20, 2019

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Twitter brought its dark theme to its Windows app with the debut of its new PWA app last year. However, with that change, the firm removed the true black interface Windows users had grown accustomed to. Instead, users had a greyish-blue UI that was more in line with what was offered on the web, iOS and Android. In a server-side update a few weeks ago, Twitter completely revamped its theme selection, adding a new true dark theme. This brings the total number of themes to three: Light (Default), Dark (Dim), Black (Lights Out). If you’ve been using the old dark theme, you may not have noticed the new options yet. Here’s how to get them.

How to use Twitter’s True Black theme

  1. In the Twitter Store app or new web-app, go to the (…) menu in the left-hand corner.
  2. Select ‘Display.’
  3. You’ll be faced with three options. ‘Lights Out’ is the option you’ll need to select for a true black. There you’ll also find the ability to choose your preferred colour.
  4. Select your choice, and save.

The new Twitter app and the web experience are nigh identical, you’ll still find some integration with Windows (pinning, live tiles) that makes the app a little bit better than the web.

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