PlayStation Home is being revived by its fans

November 25, 2021
PlayStation Home

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PlayStation Home, Sony’s ill-fated attempt to create a social space may have been dead for over six years, but dedicated fans are bringing it back from the dead. 

After restoring online multiplayer functionality to Motorstorm earlier this week, the fan group PlayStation Online Network Emulated (PSONE) has set their sights on a new goal, bringing PlayStation Home back from the dead. 

This latest project is being run in collaboration with the fan group Destination Home, who’ve been fans of Sony’s weird social space since its inception. Since the closure of PlayStation Home in 2015, Destination Home have managed to boot the social space offline on modded PS3, but multiplayer connectivity has only been a pipe dream until now. 

Thanks to the collaboration with the PSONE group, Destination Home is now hoping to see an online revival of PlayStation Home with public and private lobbies by the end of this year. 

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“Greetings Home Veterans! Today has been a monumental day for the Destination Home Team x PSOne Emulation Team,” Destination Home wrote yesterday. “We have finally hit a point in our development to have full lobby sessions working on the original PlayStation 3! 

“This means users can join public/private lobbies just like the good ole’ times on PlayStation Home,” Destination Home went on to explain. Once it’s been properly revived, fans will be able to explore, and re-explore, The Hub, the Bowling Alley, the Playground, and more, according to Destination Home. 

Earlier this year Sony renewed its trademark of PlayStation Home, however, since that trademark filing, Sony hasn’t seemed to take any action with the long-dormant property. It’s believed it could return as a social space for the PSVR 2 headset, however, this has not been confirmed. 

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