Numskull reveals heaps of Borderlands 3 merch

June 28, 2019

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Borderlands 3 is quickly approaching release, and Numskull Designs is back with some fantastic-looking Borderlands 3 merch. From messenger bags to a Moxxi bar set, there’s a lot to unpack here!

While Borderlands always boasts some insane numbers, Numskull has really outdone themselves this time with thirty items in their new BL3 range. You can check out the full range of items here, but we’ll break down some of the cooler ones below!

1) A Messenger Bag that looks like an ECHO

The ECHO is a very important item in the Borderlands franchise, but have you ever wanted it on your back? If the answer is yes then it would appear that Numskull’s Borderlands 3 Echo Messenger is the bag for you. (Personally, I would have gone with one of those fancy gun-filled vending machines, but what do I know?)

The Echo Messenger Bag costs £22.99/$19.99.

2) Figurines! Tiny Tina and Lilith

If Tiny Tina is now a teenager, shouldn’t they be calling her Tiny Teena? It makes sense, right? But it doesn’t matter – nothing ever does. Most people adore Tiny Tina anyways, and now you can have her in figure form! (Along with Lilith, the ass-kicking Siren.)

Both figures cost £64.99/$59.99, but they do look to be of a high-quality mould. The paint jobs also look great, echoing (pun not intended) the cel-shaded visual style of the Borderlands games. In my personal opinion, the Tina figure looks much better than the Lilith figure – she even gets a sick mask. It’s awesome!

3) Plushies… that are also keyrings!

Tiny Tina’s bunny plushie is not only adorable, but it’s now a plush keyring… alongside the stuffed plush corpses of Claptrap and a Psycho bandit. (Disclaimer: definitely not corpses.)

These plushies are definitely more suited for hanging off a cute backpack rather than your keys, but they’re adorable nonetheless. Our favourite is the recreation of Tiny Tina’s bunny, it’s so cute!

4) A Moxxi bar set

Due to health reasons, I’m not allowed to ingest alcohol, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate an awesome Borderlands 3 branded bar set.

Designed in the style of Moxxi’s bar from Borderlands 2, this awesome collection of shot glasses, a bottle opener, Moxxi coasters and an ornament/shot glass holder designed after the titular Moxxi’s bar. It’s an awesome collection!

Surprisingly, this awesome piece isn’t the most expensive on the list! The Moxxi Bar Set costs £54.99/$49.99, and it looks pretty snazzy.

There’s a lot more Borderlands 3 merch over at the full range, it’s actually quite impressive. Everything from incense burners designed after a dragon called The Rampager to Tiny Tina socks – it’s all there.

After Numskull’s fantastic range of Xbox merchandise, including some amazing coasters, we can speak for the company’s quality. With the company tackling game publishing as well, they’re starting to make quite a name for themselves.

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