Microsoft showed Surface Neo and Duo at their annual Surface event back in October. Both Surface Neo and Duo are still in the prototype stage and are still not final.

In order to meet the holiday 2020 deadline, Microsoft has been applying various patents related to both the devices. A new patent (via WindowsUnited) titled “ADJUSTABLE CLOSURE MAGNET FOR HINGED DEVICE WITH ASSISTED OPEN” has been published by the WIPO. Microsoft filed the patent in 2019 and it was published online yesterday. The patent talks about the closing mechanism for dual-screen phones such as the Surface Neo and Duo.

A closure device includes a first magnet and a housing with a second magnet positioned therein. The first magnet is configured to be position in a first object and the housing is configured to be positioned in a second object. The housing has a top end and at least one adjustment mechanism connected to the housing that moves the second magnet in at least one translational direction or at least one rotational direction relative to the top end of the housing. The movement of the second magnet relative to the top end of the housing adjusts the position or orientation of the second magnet relative to the first magnet to alter a magnetic force between the first magnet and the second magnet when the first magnet is positioned proximate the top end of the housing.

– Microsoft

That being said, patents don’t always translate into real products. However, this mechanism could be used in Surface Duo and Neo and maybe in subsequent Surface dual-screen/foldable devices.