New survey shows nearly 80% of iPhone users wear Apple Smartwatch

May 1, 2023

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A recent Counterpoint survey revealed almost 80% of iPhone users with a smartwatch own an Apple Watch. According to the report, this explains how the company snatched a 56% share of the US smartwatch market in 2022.

Apple has once again proved its ecosystem’s effectiveness by showing that most of its iPhone customers use Apple Watch. As per Counterpoint’s Smartwatch Tracker and US Sell-Through by Channel Tracker, this translates to one Apple Watch for every three iPhones in the fourth quarter of 2022. This puts the company above Google and Samsung, which only have 71% Google Pixel and 40% Samsung smartphone users using Google Pixel Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watches, respectively.

“Our consumer research survey supports a general premise of ours – consumers generally purchase their devices as part of a broader ecosystem of devices and operating systems,” said Research Analyst Matthew Orf. “Apple and iOS dominate the US smartphone market and iPhone users are more likely to adopt other Apple products due to their superior interoperability. With Apple’s smartphone installed base share surpassing 50%, it has a huge potential market to target with Apple Watches, while other smartwatch brands are stuck fighting for the rest of the pie.”

Apple Watch users stressed that the brand is the main reason for their choice. Meanwhile, the survey cited three popular features among users: health and activity tracking, messaging and calling, and notification access. Counterpoint said that while the former was deemed the most popular among old users, the latter is being favored by younger Apple Watch customers.

The survey also seems to express great favor for Apple in the future, with 77% of the respondents saying they choose Apple as their brand for their next smartwatch. This should soon be cemented by the company as it reveals more plans to introduce more creations that will make Apple Watch and the Apple ecosystem more enticing to the market.

According to a recent report, Apple has made progress in its noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technology, which will employ sensors instead of finger pricks to provide blood-sugar data. Reports say this will be in the form of a small device, but it seems the company also has plans to inject it into its Apple Watch. Ultimately, Apple will reportedly use the data-tracking ability of the Apple Watch for its upcoming paid AI-powered health coach “Quartz,” making the device even more vital in the company’s health service.

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