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December 19, 2020
MSPoweruser Gamescast thumbnail: CYBERPUNKED

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In the two week span between MSPoweruser Gamescast recording sessions, CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the only games that anyone has reported on. 

From a horrible disastrous launch on base Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to the game’s delisting by Sony Interactive Entertainment, there’s so much Cyberpunk news that it’s impossible not to talk about.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to discuss the game alone. Joining us in this episode of the MSPoweruser Gamescast, Pocket Gamer’s Olly Smith and GameZone’s Cade Onder have both graced the Gamescast with their presence.

This episode of the our podcast doesn’t just feature talk about Cyberpunk. To sweeten the pot, we talk about another CD Projekt controversy: their refusal to sell Red Candle Games’ Devotion.

Outside of CD Projekt, there’s also talk about The Initiative’s upcoming revival of the classic RareWare shooter franchise: Perfect Dark!

Without further ado, here’s the newest episode:

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