Much like a sweaty staged Balmer screaming about developers we are extremely passionate about Gamescast, Gamescast, Gamescast, Gamescast, Gamescast, et cetera. Enter: MSPoweruser Gamescast #5, the first episode since our initial outing to have universally decent audio. 

We talk about a bunch of things, it’s very exciting! There’s the rising cost of next-gen games, there’s developer thoughts on increasing game prices, there’s Xbox’s views on cross-gen gaming and how they’re spinning development timelines to a pro-consumer angle. There’s more than that as well!

All while this is happening, you’re extremely excited about the fact that MSPoweruser Gamescast #5 features a guest: Daryl Baxter! The host of PAL Keys, a podcast that has featured MSPoweruser before and even Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter!

Even more exciting is the addition of a new format for viewing the podcast: YouTube! While the podcast begins slowly becoming available on the traditional podcast channels, you can view the latest, greatest MSPoweruser Gamescast #5 on our official YouTube channel!

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