A Minecraft Dungeons SSD glitch is a huge issue for PC gamers who have chosen to uninstall the game.

Mojang Studios‘ newest Minecraft spinoff may be bringing in new players to a blocky world of Diablo like combat, but some players who haven’t clicked with the ARPG adventure are running into a huge issue.

Those who use the Minecraft Dungeons launcher installed upon their computer have ran into a particularly nasty Minecraft Dungeons SSD glitch. This huge bug causes all data to be wiped from an SSD after uninstalling the title via Windows’ Add or Remove Programs feature.

“At this moment, please DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES UNINSTALL THE LAUNCHER USING ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAM,” reads a bug filing on the Mojang website.

“In the Dungeons launcher, go to settings > about > bootstrap. If the version is 166 or higher, you are safe to uninstall the launcher. Mojang Studios is awards of the issue, and working hard to resolve it as fast as possible.”