Microsoft has started to remove Mixer Xbox functionality from Xbox Insider consoles following the service’s closure just over a week ago.

The news came from a new Xbox Wire update, informing beta testers inside the Beta, Delta and Omega rings that Mixer Xbox functionality would start disappearing from their consoles in the newest pre-order release updates.

The update notes state that “users may see some Mixer features missing from the console.” Beta testers will now be unable to co-stream games, access the Mixer Xbox application and more. Even dashboard references to the defunct streaming service are getting removed.

Microsoft’s closure of Mixer came to many as a surprise, especially since the company had spent tens of millions on acquiring exclusivity deals with high-profile streamers such as Ninja, Shroud and more.

Due to these exclusivity contracts, Microsoft had to pay those streamers even more millions to sever their deal and allow the entertainers to become free agents for whatever service they wanted. An extremely expensive move for a closure.

Whilst Microsoft has partnered with Facebook to allow Mixer streamers to easily migrate over to Facebook Gaming, Microsoft will not be implementing Facebook’s livestreaming service into the Xbox One and Xbox Series X dashboard. Maybe the consoles will go back to Twitch integration, maybe not.

Mixer functionality with Xbox One will be removed from all consoles as of July 22nd.